New Mom Starts 1st Diaper Change, Freezes When She Spots Words On Baby’s Onesie.

new mom crying with baby in lap

For some couples, a proposal should be spontaneous. The bride-to-be wants to be surprised in a moment where she’s really feeling the love from her future groom. But for other couples, the proposal only comes after months of preparation! Remember the guy who spent 3 months teaching himself to sew in order to craft a Beauty and the Beast inspired gown for his proposal? How about the man who wrote a secret love note on a white board every day for a year leading up to his proposal?


Once again, we’re sharing a story of a proposal that was planned months in advance. This time, it was roughly 9 months in the making!

Darick Mead knew for months that he wanted to marry Susan Medina. He was planning a proposal when Susan found out she was pregnant! Darick decided to hold off on proposing; he didn’t want Susan to think he was only asking since she was pregnant.

But then Darick came up with a brilliant idea: he’d propose to Susan just after their baby’s birth. That way their newborn could be a part of the surprise… two celebrations at once!

When the time came for their son– Ryder– to be born, Darick anxiously awaited the perfect moment.

It was a difficult birth. Susan labored for 17 hours and even pushed for hours before Ryder was finally delivered via emergency C-section.

After such an intense and exhausting experience, Darick decided to wait another day to propose, giving Susan a moment to catch her breath! Meanwhile, a friend of the couple crafted a onesie for Ryder on Darick’s behalf, and on it was a very special message…


The day after Ryder’s birth– while Susan rested– Darick dressed Ryder in the proposal-onesie, complete with an engagement ring pinned to the front. He bundled little Ryder up so that Susan didn’t see the words right away, then brought the newborn to Susan.

Darick told Susan that the nurses wanted her to practice changing the baby’s diaper. When she unwrapped her son and saw the words on his onesie… it’s a truly moving moment.


And, of course, she said yes!


Watch the emotional proposal in the video below.

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