Mom Loses 240 Lbs In 17 Months By Committing To Exercising 10 Minutes Each Day.

Small changes add up. Just ask Meghan See, whose commitment to taking little steps transformed her life.

Growing up, the Virginia mom had an unhealthy relationship with food. She was addicted to eating and weighed over 200 pounds in elementary school. As a parent, she reached the point where she feared she wouldn’t be around to see her daughter grow up, but then she found what worked for her in 2017!

meghan and her daughter

The 30-year-old had tried losing weight many times before. She’d even lost 100 pounds — twice. But because she hadn’t dealt with the emotions causing her addiction, she gained it all back each time.

Eventually, she weighed 420 pounds. At that point, she said, “I wasn’t actually participating in life anymore.”

Meghan decided enough was enough one day when she couldn’t fit into her seat during a family train ride. She needed to take control, and she needed to do it right away. So she promised to hold herself accountable — and came out victorious!

meghan before after weight loss

Not only did she start slowly moving away from fast food and soda, but she also committed to exercising at least 10 minutes each day. No matter what happened, she did those small things and added more from there.

Even better, her sister Amanda was with her every step of the way! In fact, Amanda helped inspire Meghan’s journey.

“My sister started losing weight to show me it’s possible,” Meghan said.

meghan and sister in old outfit

With her family’s support and her sheer determination, Meghan dropped 240 pounds in just 17 months, and her life couldn’t be more different!

She used to struggle to get out of bed, and now she trains for half-marathons. Most importantly, she feels like she can be the best mom for her daughter.

meghan Dayton Muddler

“I think my favorite part of my lifestyle change is the new things me and Macyn get to do together,” Meghan wrote. “So many walks and stories we’ve shared together. Yoga. Push-ups. Games. Park trips. Quality time together, not just mindless TV time.”

mother and daughter

Thank you for reminding us that change is possible, Meghan! What a powerful example of the good that comes from working hard toward our goals.

Learn more about her journey in the video below, and share her story to encourage others.

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