11-Year-Old Defends Down Syndrome Sister From Bullies, What He Does Will Give You The CHILLS!

11-year-old Matt Morris knows what it means to be a big brother. He is there for his little sister through thick and thin, ready to come to her aid… in a variety of ways.


So, as soon as Matt head that Sarah Grace was getting bullied at school he was there by her side standing strong. Sarah Grace has Down Syndrome so she’s not as able to defend herself.

Matt embraces every single part of his younger sister and loves her for who she is. That’s why Matt, a.k.a. MattyB, made a rap and music video showing how much he adores Sarah Grace, and dropping some knowledge that no matter what someone has, there’s never a reason to make fun of them.

The young artists’ YouTube channel has gone viral, and this special video has been seen almost 3 million times!  Pretty good work for a pre-teen.

Here’s the Takeaway: Everyone is different – that’s a fact. But we never have the right to ridicule someone for those differences. Make sure to always see the best in people and treat others as you would want to be treated!

Watch Matt’s creative, bold response and share to fight bullying with his message.


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