Indian Villagers Save Drowning Leopard In Dramatic Rescue.

drowning leopard saved by villagers

Villagers and wildlife rescuers alike, gathered together earlier this week around a well in a village in Junnar, Maharashtra. The purpose of their meeting was very unique: To rescue an animal trapped at the bottom of the well. But not just any animal… it was a wild leopard!

National Geographic reported on the incident, saying, “A resident heard the distress cries of an animal bellowing from the bottom of a 60-feet well.” When they went to look they saw a 3 year old leopard struggling at the bottom.

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The leopard was clinging to a rope, desperately fighting to keep from drowning. The resident then called Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization, who stepped in to help. When the people from the village heard about what had happened they gathered around the well to help the wildlife experts.

First, they lowered wood planks into the well so that the leopard had something more to hang onto. Next, they lowered a box 60 feet down in order to pull the cat to safety.

It’s a truly dramatic rescue and a compelling example of team work.

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You will be happy to know that Wildlife SOS’s experts examined the leopard, found him healthy and free of injury, and released him back into the wild where he belongs.

Luke Dollar, a conservation biologist who runs National Geographic’s Big Cat’s Initiative commented on the amazing video: “This is an incredible, heartwarming story of a community coming together for the benefit of wildlife.”

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Check out the video of the rescue below.

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