When Her Puppy Kept Escaping Crate, Mom Hides Camera To Learn The Truth!

We’ve told you before about how dogs can sometimes think they’re sneaky. Remember this list of 23 dogs that think they’ve found the perfect hiding spot? Those pups tried their best, but we could spot them from a mile away. How about the time a dog was told not to jump on furniture, but who did a hilarious victory dance after his human left and he could get on the bed? His owner caught him using a hidden camera!


Like in the case of the latter story, Mom of Twitch and Sophie– a 6-year-old German Shepherd and 1-year-old Maltese– set up a hidden camera to snag the video below… and what she captured is hilarious!

In the videos caption, the owner explains why she felt the need to set up a hidden camera:

I recorded this to make sure that I wasn’t forgetting to latch Sophie’s kennel after I stuck her in it – I kept noticing her running around with our German Shepherd Twitch soon after I would stick her in it. Turns out, I was latching it…

So how was Sophie getting out? You have to watch the video to find out… but it is hysterical!

Check out the hilarious video below and share!


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