Woman Feeding The Homeless Gets Help From McDonald’s After She Runs Out Of Food.

Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Over time, his words have become a symbol for doing good because if you don't like what you see out your window, you should do something about it. That's exactly what Texas resident Hazeal Cain was trying to do when she decided to feed homeless people in her community, only she underestimated just how much it would take to make the change she was hoping for. Luckily, McDonald's was there to help her out. Discouraged by all the negativity on the news, Hazeal and one of her friends gathered plates to hand out in an area of town where many homeless people congregate. But after just two minutes of giving away food, the women ran out, leaving many hungry. Hazeal wasn't ready to quit. She went to a nearby McDonald's to get cheeseburgers. When she walked inside and ordered 40 burgers, one employee said everyone groaned, not knowing what the order was for. The store's manager, Matthew Ortiz, asked Hazeal why she needed so many burgers. She explained what she was doing before smiling and asking if he wanted to donate to the cause. Matthew said his parents always told him, "If you have extra money, just give it out." So he chipped in $20 — increasing the order from 40 burgers to 60. Once the other employees heard about Hazeal's goal, they were more than happy to do the extra work for the order. Hazeal was so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the employees that she shared the story on Facebook. Thanks to help from McDonald's, Hazeal said she and her friend were able to "feed every single person downtown at the courthouse — and people were able to take extra food with them as well." The story, of course, went viral! Because multiple people worked together and contributed to one mission, many others didn't go hungry that day. Hazeal may not have changed the world, but she definitely helped those she fed, and her kindness may inspire thousands to do the same. Help encourage others to make positive change by sharing this story with your friends!
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