Babies Face Off For Adorable Race, Then Moms Attempt To Coax Them Across Finish In Hilarious Halftime Show!

Many sports fan enjoy attending games to cheer on their favorite teams and watch the action in person. For them, halftime might be a good time to go get a snack or stretch their legs. But for some people, one of the best parts of seeing a game is catching the brilliant halftime show!

We’ve shared some amazing halftime shows with you before. Like the halftime show of a Dallas Mavericks game which featured an epic dance off between the Dallas Police Department, the Mavs Maniacs, and the Mavericks Dancers. There was also the time Michigan University’s marching band and the musical theatre department teamed up for an incredible Broadway tribute at halftime.

While those performances may have been pretty astounding, the halftime show below is by far the silliest, funniest, and most adorable we’ve seen.

In the video below, dads line their babies up at a starting line for a very special race, then cheer them on, while moms coax the babies to the finish line. It’s a heart-stopping race with a photo finish!


Even though it’s obviously a pretty silly race, it ends up getting pretty intense!


The funniest part of the video may be the things moms used to lure their babies to the finish line (shoutout to the lint roller).


One parent came up with possibly the greatest way to get a baby’s attention.


Check out the hilarious race below.

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Adorable & hilarious at the same time ???

Posted by Bleacher Report on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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