Teen Dresses In Suit To Meet Newborn Niece, His Priceless Explanation To Sister Is Melting Hearts Everywhere!

We’ve told you before about some awesome uncles. There was the uncle who created a replica of his late brother’s Green Beret jacket for his mourning nephew, and then there was the uncle who had his baby niece cracking up with a goofy bedtime story. Grant– the 18-year-old in this story– just became an uncle for the first time. And he’s already being called “Uncle of the Year!”

Grant’s big sister, Olivia, just had a baby girl named Carter, Grant’s first niece. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Grant showed up to the hospital in a suit and tie, complete with tie clip and pocket square. But it was his explanation that was priceless.

“Because first impressions matter.”

Gran’t younger sister, Iris, tweeted the above photo, and it has since gone viral. In just 2 days, the tweet has been retweeted over 137,000 times!

Grant’s actions are not only hilarious, its also touching to think how this uncle is proving that he respects and cares for his niece… from their very first meeting.

Grant’s mom said Grant was “extraordinarily excited, proud, and protective regarding the birth of his first niece. His dressing up was both a show of respect and way to honor her arrival.”

And it looks like little Carter appreciated the gesture, happily sleeping in her Uncle’s arms (and possibly offering the dapper gentleman a handshake?).

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