Grandma Shocked When Stranger Sings Her Name, Breaks Into Tears When He Hands Her White Rose.

boy hands grandma white rose

Maureen St. Pierre, grandmother of 12, absolutely loves musicals. Her daughter Danielle Digby tried to think of the perfect gift for her musically inclined mom. Danielle took months to gather the spontaneous dance crew who shocked her mother with a performance of a lifetime.


As Maureen and her entire family waited in a gazebo to go into a nearby restaurant for her birthday celebration, she began to hear one person sing after the other before finally realizing the whole performance was for her birthday.

Danielle said while growing up her mom would often say, ““Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life were like a musical?”Little did Maureen know, she would be in the middle of one herself.

“I was just completely surprised,”said St. Pierre. “Once I realized it was for me, I started crying straight away.â€


The whole performance was choreographed by Digby who is a stage actress. She uploaded the moves for “Put On Your Sunday Clothes,”from “Hello, Dolly!”and “YMCA”to Youtube so sweet volunteers could learn dance moves and show up to boogie.

“YMCA”began, strangers joined the throng. “I’ve always loved that song,”said Maureen.  “It’s just a happy-go-lucky song. And it’s so fun to do all those moves.â€

Maureen’s life has been an extraordinary one. She adopted mixed-race kids in the race tumultuous times of the 1960s, and raised them to be parents of their own. She now has 12 grandchildren! 


Maureen was blown away by the entire show, saying she’s had some good birthdays but this one was “one of the best.”

Danielle was more than pleased with how she was able to celebrate her mom’s birthday. “Sometimes words aren’t enough,”Danielle said. “And you have to just break into song.â€

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