Mascot “Faints” After Saving Little Fan From Foul Ball, But Boy Has Crowd Rolling When He Leaps Into Action.

There’s nothing better than a summer afternoon at the ball game. Many kids and adults spend every weekend of the baseball season cheering or jeering from the stands… but sometimes, things don’t go as planned.


In whatever way things go awry, no baseball fan would be surprised to find the mascot at the center of it. If they’re not mixed up in some sort of mischief… you may wonder what their purpose is beyond drumming up a little team spirit. If you ask the Florida Gators mascot, Albert, he’s in the business of saving lives.

It was during a game against University of Central Florida on April 19th that the mascot saved the life of a little fan, no more than 12 years old. An errant fly ball flew straight for the little tyke, but at precisely the right moment the vigilant mascot shielded the little guy with his stuffed snout and tiny gator arms.

Thankfully, the baseball bounced off the mascot’s head without causing any injury… but he pretended to faint anyway. Whether in jest or genuine concern, the little boy he saved started performing ‘CPR’ on the mascot. The short clip has been going viral on Twitter, and it’s easy to see why.

Check it out below!

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