Ellen Calls Cheesy 1992 Commercial Embarrassing, But She Can’t Help Cracking Up!

Every day presents a variety of opportunities and choices — some too inconsequential to even bother mentioning, but others that have potentially far-reaching ramifications.


The thing is, we can’t predict the consequences of a decision we make or know where an opportunity will lead us in advance, so we have to make our decisions based on whatever information we have at the time.

Back in 1992, Ellen DeGeneres made the choice to do a commercial for the now-defunct telecommunications company U.S. West. In it, she describes how the company’s wrist pager, cellular phone and other devices save her time and allow her to focus on running her small pet store business.


Ellen jokes that she’s embarrassed about the commercial now and “wish(es) that footage didn’t exist anymore,”but it turns out that one decision was the jumping off point that launched her career.


If it hadn’t been for that commercial, she tells her audience, she never would have starred in her own sitcom, Ellen, which ran from 1994 to 1998. The success of that show allowed her the opportunity to host the 2001 Emmy Awards, and ultimately gave rise to the Ellen Degeneres Show two years later.


“So if you feel like you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you shouldn’t worry because the next turn that you take, it could lead you to where you want to go,”she emphasizes.

It just goes to show, you’ll never know know where life can take you unless you seize its opportunities!


Watch Ellen’s throwback commercial below and share to inspire others!

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