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Photographer Captures Cactus Bloom That “Opens For Just One Day A Year” By Filming Overnight

A cactus with a large pink flower blooming out of it.

This cactus boasts an incredibly beautiful bloom, but there’s only a short window of time to catch a glimpse. According to one photographer on Instagram, these beautiful pink flowers only come out for one day a year! Luckily, this creator came up with the brilliant idea to film the blooming process and share it online for the world to enjoy. His video is stunning!

“I set up my camera overnight to record this cactus bloom that opens for just one day a year,” he wrote over the footage.

In the video, the cactus bloom begins with a large, pink bud. Over the course of the time-lapse, it slowly opens to reveal a bigger, even more beautiful flower! Watching these rosy petals unfold is absolutely mesmerizing.

“My favorite time of the year!” the photographer wrote in his caption.

Many commenters were truly enthralled by the footage of this cactus bloom opening up. However, one user’s small child had the best response of all!

“My toddler kept saying ‘again’ after I showed this to him so we watched it 10 times,” wrote the parent. “He said ‘good job flower.'”

A cactus with a large pink flower blooming out of it.
Photo by Patrick Ho on Unsplash

Unfortunately, this photographer does not seem to have identified the type of cactus bloom featured in his video. However, based on its appearance and elusive flowering schedule, there’s a possibility that it could be a variaton of echinopsis. These types of cacti, according to Fine Gardening, are well-known for their beautiful blooms.

“Most flowers last a single day, but under good conditions some may last nearly three days,” writes the publication.

Although we’re not entirely sure what the breed of cactus is featured in this photographer’s Instagram post, one thing is for certain: the blooms are absolutely gorgeous! We’re so glad that this creator chose to share his stunning footage with us.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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