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After Three Years Apart, Woman Has Emotional Surprise Reunion With Grandfather

A grandfather in a cowboy hat hugs his granddaughter.

When this woman was missing her grandfather, she decided to hop on an eight-hour flight to surprise him at his home. According to her adorable post on social media, it had been three years since she’d seen him! Instead of calling ahead, she thought it would be more memorable if she showed up when Grandpa wasn’t expecting her. She was right. Her grandfather’s reaction to the heartwarming surprise was too sweet… and a little salty!

In the video, Arianna was standing out of frame when her grandpa entered the room. He had his back turned, so he didn’t see her at first. When she called out his name, he seemed pretty startled! However, once he realized who was secretly lurking in his house, his demeanor changed. Although he was clearly still a tiny bit irked that his granddaughter had scared him like that, he was so happy to see her.

Please be aware that there’s a bit of NSFW language from Grandpa in this clip.


Forever thankful for this man ❤️

♬ Livin’ My Best Life – Dylan Scott

Once the initial scare from the surprise was over, Arianna rushed over to her grandfather to give him a warm hug. As he wrapped his arms around her, he joked that he’d been expecting a package instead.

“It’s me! I’m the package,” she joked back.

Commenters loved seeing this grandfather’s reaction to his granddaughter’s sweet, if a little mischievous, surprise. It made many users reflect on their own grandparents in the most heartrending way.

A grandfather in a cowboy hat hugs his granddaughter.
Screengrab from TikTok

“You hug him as much as you can,” one person wrote. “My last hug with my papa was 8 years ago and I’ll never forget.”

Another added, “I miss my grandpa so much awh I’m sure you already do but cherish these moments so much you will forever wish you spent more time together.”

What a beautiful reminder not to take our loved ones for granted! We’re sure this young woman won’t regret traveling eight hours to surprise her grandfather like this.

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