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Locked & Loaded: Dad Realizes He’s Made A Terrible Mistake Giving Toddler The Hose

Left image shows a toddler with a hose and a mischievous grin. Right image shows the toddler pointing the hose at her dad.

When you’re a parent, it’s almost always difficult to determine the right thing to do. One father decided it would be a great time to teach his toddler about garden care and plant hydration. Without more explanation than, “Water our plants,” he handed the toddler a garden hose — mistake number one. It took the toddler less than two milliseconds to figure out the hose nozzle and point it at her dad!

When the water pressure was released, the first blast of the hose caused the tiny toddler to stumble back a few steps. Once she regained her footing, she turned and aimed the hose at Dad with a maniacal grin that only a toddler parent could understand.

Left frame shows a dad handing a toddler the garden hose, with the words, "Mistakes were made..." Right frame shows the toddler learning to turn on the nozzle to spray water from the hose.
Image from TikTok.

Every parent has seen this grin. This is the “Look what I can do!” grin that toddlers master at an early age. It is a prideful expression seen when toddlers learn new things. Thanks to her dad’s miscalculation, this toddler quickly learned the meaning of “HOSE WAR.” She is in complete control, and she knows it.

The maniacal grin of a happy child who has just discovered the fine art of spraying water on her dad.
Image from TikTok.

Releasing the nozzle for a second, the toddler gave her dad a chance to regroup. He quickly attempted to redirect the toddler, helping her turn with the hose to face the plants.

Big smiles in the left frame as a toddler with a hose takes a break from spraying her dad. Right frame shows the toddler after her dad turned her and told her to water the plants, not him.
Image from TikTok.

At this stage, the dad should have given up. The second blast from the hose caught him squarely, and he was soaked as he attempted to reach for the hose.

Memories Of His Toddler’s First Hose War Are Precious

Laughing with his toddler, Dad gave up and retreated to what he thought was a safe distance. It was not. The toddler released the hose nozzle long enough for Dad to exclaim, “Why am I all wet?” before she blasted him again with another round of toddler giggles.

No distance is safe after a toddler figures out that the hose sprays so far.
Image from TikTok.

Both dad and daughter continued laughing. They were clearly enjoying this quality bonding time. The daughter apparently thinks her dad is a plant. Watching the two play together is heartwarming. The toddler years of children’s lives go by too quickly for most parents. We’re glad this dad was recording this moment and sharing it. You can follow the family exploits on their TikTok channel for more fun with toddlers (they have two, this is the oldest).

We hope this brought you smiles and good memories of watching your children learn new things. Nothing is more fun than watching a toddler who has full control (almost) of a garden hose with a nozzle that sprays over 20 feet.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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