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Big Brother Waited 9 Months To Photograph His Newborn Sister — The Results Are Stunning

A little boy taking photos of his baby sister.

When her adorable little girl was born, Mom knew exactly who was going to handle the newborn photography — the baby’s older brother! At 10 years old, this boy takes incredible, professional level pictures. He couldn’t wait to be the one to photograph his brand new baby sister! His mother shared the portraits on social media, and they couldn’t be more precious.

“My son’s been learning photography & waited 9 months to take newborn pics of his new sister,” Mom wrote in her video. “Here’s how they turned out…”

In most of this big brother’s photography, his little sister is fast asleep with a sweet expression on her face. He managed to capture some truly beautiful images of the newborn resting, often with a cute little hat on her head. When commenters saw the finished photos, they couldn’t believe a child had taken them!

“Whoa! This is professional looking stuff!” wrote one user. “Good job little guy!”

Another added, “If I had an older brother and he had done this while I was a baby. They would be the most cherished photos I have in my life.”

His newborn sister isn’t the only subject of this little boy’s photography, though. Mom loves supporting her son’s passion for taking pictures, so she often lets him take glamor shots of her. They’re truly stunning!

“When your 10-year-old takes better pics than most photographers,” Mom wrote in one of her social media captions.

It was especially sweet when this talented brother used his photography skills to capture two of his favorite people together. His portraits of Mom holding the newborn baby are way too adorable for words.

What an amazingly talented kid! We can’t wait to see him grow as a photographer.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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