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Dancer Models Routine After Groovy Lil Bird’s Impeccable Performance

Image shows entertainer Smac McCreanor dancing the same routine as a small green bird in perfect synchronization.

Smac McCreanor is an artist, dancer, and entertainer who occasionally uses the alias “Sonny the Bunny.” Recently, She created a dance video that has already collected more than 6 million “likes” on Instagram. The viral video shows Smac dancing in the left frame while a dancing bird imitates Michael Jackson in the right frame.

Both dancers strike their opening pose with a flourish. Smac is wearing a costume that coordinates with the bird’s coloration. The bird performs on a bathroom vanity while Smac is in a similarly decorated room.

Left frame shows a human dancer striking a pose that mirrors the bird in the right frame.
Image from Instagram.

The video is choreographed to Bobby Caldwell’s rendition of “What You Won’t Do for Love.” As the dancing bird hits each move with skill and grace, Smac precisely mirrors the routine. Using her arms as “wings,” she nails every move throughout the dance.

We are unsure who owns this beautiful little green bird, but it certainly is talented in the dance department! When the music changes and the dance sped up, the routine also works with Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Comments on the original video sparked this version, and Smac provided the edits.


Replying to @!π•­π–†π–™π–•π–π–”π–“π–ŠΒ‘β€’πŸ¦‡β€’ well i’ll be dammed, this somehow got smoother. 🦜 @🦜 Darwin & Sophia πŸ‘©πŸ»

♬ Smooth Criminal (2012 Remaster) – Michael Jackson

The possibilities for future edits, different music, and the same excellent results are almost endless. Smac has been using birds in her dance videos for a while. Three years ago, she danced synchronously with a crazy emu named Stanley.

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more of Smac, you can find her videos on almost all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and X. This talented young lady will leave you laughing. She doesn’t have many filters, so expect anything, and you’ll be safe. Please share this with friends if you enjoyed learning more about this viral video.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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