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Husband Drives 5+ Hours To Surprise Wife On Anniversary With Humble Recreation Of Wedding Night

View from behind of a man and woman sitting together at the edge of a pier. She's resting her head on his shoulder. The sun is setting.

Ashley Olson and her husband, Willie, have been together since they were teenagers. When it finally came time for them to tie the knot, they forgo a traditional wedding for one at the courthouse. Their stay at a cheap motel that night was nothing fancy — their room didn’t even have a table or chairs for them to use while eating dinner. But that didn’t matter. Willie unfolded an ironing board, turning it into a makeshift table. Here, they celebrated their marriage with Taco Bell.

Fast forward a decade and these two love birds are still crazy for each other. They also have two kiddos. Since their humble honeymoon, Ashley and Willie have gone on much fancier trips. Still, as timing would have it, they wouldn’t be doing anything special for their 10-year anniversary… or so Ashley thought. Turns out, Willie had quite the anniversary surprise up his sleeve.

From Ashley’s perspective, she and the kids would be staying at her mom’s while Willie stayed home to do work-related things. Instead, he drives for hours to see her. His celebration plans? A Taco Bell dinner eaten off of an ironing board.

Husband’s Anniversary Surprise Leaves His Wife of 10 Years Speechless

In addition to the meal that perfectly recreates their wedding night, the two of them danced to their wedding song at the end of her parents’ pier. To say that Ashley was blown away would be an understatement.

“I’m not an easy person to plan surprises for, so this was extra impressive. Tbh, I’m still in disbelief and still sobbing,” Ashley admits in the caption of her post. “10 years + 2 kids later this man still pursues me, still dates me, and still surprises me. Cheers to more DECADES + dinners on the ironing board!!!”

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