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Baby Adorably Protects Twin From “Stranger” In Front Of Them — AKA Dad Without A Beard

Images show one twin protecting the other twin, even when they are both crying.

Twins have a special bond that begins in the womb. They are linked together in a way few people genuinely understand. But the twins understand, and that is all that matters. One twin began crying when they faced a scary scenario (their dad without a beard). The other twin adorably reached out to protect his twin.

Sitting together on the sofa, dressed in identical outfits, the twins stared at the “stranger” in front of them. One of the boys looked at the person recording the video, who we think is probably the mom. The man calmly leans forward and says, “What’re you doing?” One twin seems like he might recognize the voice, but the other twin begins to cry.

Image shows twin boys staring at a "stranger" who is really their dad after he shaved off his beard.
Image from YouTube.

With the first little whine from the skittish brother, the protective brother reaches out an arm to comfort him. As the dad reaches out his arms to coax the crying twin into his arms, the crying intensifies. Twin protective mode goes into overdrive. The little arm gets rigid, and the assertive little twin gives the “stranger” a warning look.

Image shows one twin beginning to cry as the other twin lays a protective arm over his brother.
Image from YouTube.

And then he begins crying, too! Way to go, Dad. You have scared both your young boys with your first attempt at having a clean-shaven face since their birth! The dad giggles nervously, clasping his hands in front of the boys. The one twin keeps his arm out to protect his twin even after he starts crying, too. The video ends just as the dad starts to talk again. From there, Mom might have stepped in to clarify things.

Twins Will Protect One Another Forever

Change is not always easy, especially when you’re a baby. The twins seem to be about a year old in the video. When faced with their clean-shaven “stranger” dad, it was evident that the one twin would protect his twin at any cost. The boys will have that twin bond forever.

The parents did well trying this introduction slowly. Capturing it on video is a bonus. The twins will eventually become accustomed to seeing their dad’s whole face. They haven’t quite learned about voice recognition at that age, so the dad may have to talk to them a bit more.

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