Clumsy Panda Picks Fight With Snowman, Melts Hearts With Adorable Antics.

panda climbs on snowman

Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo decided to bring their Christmas spirit to work after a snowstorm blew through Canada on Tuesday.  They chose to brighten up the pen of Da Mao, their resident panda, with a gigantic snowman to keep him company. Instead of accepting his new companion with open arms, the giant panda immediately started to pick a fight. Things did not go well for the snowman or Da Mao.


After a few well placed swipes with his paws that proved ineffective, the panda decided to crawl up the snowman and perch on his head. The panda, being quite heavy, managed to balance atop his few foe for a few moments before both bear and snowy head went tumbling to the ground below.

Slightly disheveled, Da Mao was determined to emerge from the fray as the victor. He scrambled his way atop the remain section of snowman… but moments after his ascent he managed to backflip-bellyflop back onto the snowy ground below.

Not to be discouraged, the giant panda shook off his embarrassment and climbed atop his nemesis one last time. In a glorious moment of triumph, the great Da Mao lay on the snowy mound in utter victory… though it was not meant to last. Check out the adorable struggle in the video below.

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