Coach Baffled When Team Halts Mid-Competition, But When She Sees Their Sign She Bursts Into Tears.

cheerleaders hold up sign, coach cries

As any athlete will tell you, there’s something special about the bond coaches share with their teams. Remember the football coach who would line up his players after every game to give them hugs and encouragement, win or lose? How about the basketball coach who postponed his wedding to care for the students in his program? These coaches came to be like family to their teams.


So when a man named Eddie decided to propose to his girlfriend, a devoted cheer coach named Jessica, he knew he had to include Jessica’s beloved “cheer family’ in the proposal! So he came up with a plan that would blow Jessica away.

It all started at a cheer competition. Jessica’s team, the “Jr. Charm” had just performed a flawless routine when the judges came back with unexpected news. The girls were told the Judges had the wrong score sheets and so needed the team to perform the routine a second time. Jessica reassured her team that this was a good thing, that they were getting an opportunity to do even better! Little did she know, even the judges were in on the surprise proposal!

As the cheerleaders perform their routine a second time, a coach named Ashley suddenly sprints onto the mat shouting, “Stop! Everybody stop!”


The next thing anyone knows, Bruno Mars’s “Marry You” begins to play and the other coaches– except Jessica– run onto the mats and break out into a dance routine.

“Why are they doing this without me?” asks Jessica, clearly confused. Then, as she realizes what song is playing, it hits her: This is for me! Her face is priceless!

When Eddie finally comes out and drops to a knee, Jessica wastes no time saying ‘yes!’ She and Eddie are immediately swarmed in a giant group hug. There wasn’t a dry eye in the entire stadium!


Way to go, Eddie!

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