Car Service Driver Blows Judges Away With Incredible Opera Piece After His Passengers Convince Him To Audition.

AGT has a way of bringing out diamonds in the rough.


When Carlos De Antonis stepped on stage at America’s Got Talent, the judges could tell from the start he was a very likable, humble guy. A driver by profession, Carlos spends his days with strangers, singing as he drives.

The middle aged man of Italian decent didn’t strike the judges as remarkably talented, but the moment he opened his mouth to sing every doubter in the room was silenced.


The Miami native effortlessly performed an extremely difficult tenor piece entitled ‘Nessun Dorma.’ The aria challenges the most famous opera singers alive today… but for Carlos it was a labor of love.


With unparalleled passion and an innate musicality one can only be born with, Carlos delivered his performance with tears in his eyes. Carlos clearly feels deep emotions every time he sings, and the room was swept up with him.


By the time he was done singing, face wet with his own tears, every single person in the room was on their feet. Of the judges Simon seemed most impressed… but each could barely keep a smile off their face.


Watching Carlos receive such adoration and praise is a beautiful thing to see. As Simon said, Carlos is surely the most likable, talented guy to take the stage yet.

Check out his epic audition in the video below!

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