Howie Gets Single Tear In His Eye When Bullied “Loser” Overcomes Fear And Stuns Everyone.

howie tears up over Brian Justin Crum Singing

Brian Justin Crum, a 28 year old driver for a car service, stunned the America’s Got Talent judges with his rendition of Queen’s Somebody to Love when he first came on the show; but he completely stole America’s heart with his latest rendition of Radioheads ‘Creep’. It was the very last performance of the night, but it looks to us like they may have saved the best for last.


Brian’s story– of overcoming a troubled childhood where he was the victim of cruel bullying– makes the performance even more heart wrenching. He describes being targeted as a child for being overweight, gay, and a social outsider. The bullying became so intense, that he attempted a new start by moving to a different city and living with his aunt and uncle.

His background makes the lyrics even more poignant, “I wish I was special. But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo… I don’t belong here.” The performance was packed with emotion. Brian doesn’t just nail every note, he tells an incredible and heartfelt story. “I’m going to take all the pain of everything I went through and focus all of that into this performance.”

It is impossible not to hear the passion in his voice. His high notes were chilling, and he moves throughout the song with incredible control. When he finishes, the audience is completely silent before exploding into applause.

The judges have only positive feedback for Brian. Simon Cowell calls him breathtaking, Mel B praises his storytelling and says he is a genius, but Howie has the highest praise of all: “I think we all feel like we’re creeps and we’re weirdos and we’re different… We always feel alone, and then we find out we’re not!” he says, clearly touched. “That was a wonderfully moving rendition– perfect– of that song.”

Check out the incredible performance below!

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