Woman Discovers Uber Driver Is Voice Behind AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail”, Internet Freaks Out.

Who else remembers the good ‘ole days of AOL? The times when you would turn on your computer and hearing a friendly voice say “You’ve got mail”? It turns out that friendly voice belonged to a man named Elwood Edwards… and he really is as jovial as he sounds! How do we know this? Elwood, now age 67, is currently an Uber driver in Ohio, and a video of an excited passenger realizing who he is, is going viral.


“This is my Uber driver, and he’s just told me something really special!” says Brandee Barker, the woman behind the camera in the video below, “He’s the voice behind…?” Elwood smiles and finishes her sentence for her: “Welcome, you’ve got mail.”

Of course, Brandee quickly posted about the experience on social media, and the hilarious, nostalgia-inducing encounter has people losing their minds.

It turns out, Elwood– the pre-cursor to Siri and Cortana– became this iconic AOL greeting almost by accident. As he explains in a video for AOL, his wife, Karen, worked for Quantum Computers and volunteered Elwood to be the voice of AOL messaging. He recorded the now well-known phrases on a cassette tape in his living room.

And, yes! The guy in the video below really is the Elwood Edwards! Check out the video below.

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