Gator Chomps 10-Yr-Old’s Leg, But She Uses 1 Simple Technique To Fight Back.

Humans have the tendency to do the impossible when a dire need arises. We’ve all heard stories of impossible feats of adrenaline fueled strength, but Juliana Ossa, 1o-year-old girl from Orlando, Florida just blew the roof off what we thought was possible.

The Juliana was swimming on Saturday afternoon in a designated swim area of Lake Mary Jane in about two feet of water when a nearly 9 foot alligator latched onto her leg.

Amazingly, the girl was able to pry the alligator’s jaws from her injured leg. Lifeguards rushed to the little girl’s aid and ensured she made it to Nemours Children’s Hospital where she was treated for several puncture wounds to the leg.

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Here is some sobering perspective: Alligators this size are known to have a bite strength of nearly 2,000 pounds per square inch while a human maxes out at 200.

That means the 10-year-old girl managed to free herself the literal jaws of death that would be the end of most adults!

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Apparently Juliana was no stranger to surviving a gator attack. She used skills learned at Gatorland Adventure Park to pry the alligator’s jaws away from her leg. Apparently, a good hard poke to the nose will cause the gator to loosen its grip!

A lot of us might panic when confronted with such a nefarious foe… but not her. Juliana is a shining example of how we should all react in the face of danger. If you keep a cool head and practiced hands, no surprise can slow you down.

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