7-yr-old cares for paralyzed Dad after Mom abandoned them, shows care beyond his years.

When his mother abanded their family in 2013, a seven-year-old in China took over the care of his paralyzed father. He had no choice. But he has shown more love and care than most children could even comprehend.


37-yr-old Ou Tongming from the Wanpu village in southwest China’s Guizhou province fell from a two story building while working construction. The accident left Tongming paralyzed from the waist down and a flood of medical bills that drained his family’s savings. When Tongming’s wife realized her husband would not recover, she took their three-year-old daughter and left.

Ever since that tragic day, Tongming’s son, Ou Yanglin, has been taking care of him. The seven-year-old rushes to and from school every day without complaint to be there for his favorite person in the world, “I could not live without my dad,” he told Shanghiist.


Every morning at 6 a.m. Yanglin wakes before the sun to make breakfast for his dad, then rushes off to school. Yanglin then comes straight home at lunch to feed his father and runs back to the house in the evening. This kid is seriously dedicated to loving his family.


The little guy taught himself how to shop at the market, prepare basic meals and care for his dad the best way he knows how.


According to Shanghiist, neighbors have been so impacted by this little boy’s compassion that they help out financially when they can. Even with help from neighbors and Tongming’s disability check, the two struggle to make ends meet… but nothing seems to slow his son’s dedication.

child feeding dad

Though he was abandoned by his mother at such a young age, the happy first grader manages to juggle his responsibilities at home and with school in hopes of making enough money to support his father one day.


He is an example to us all of this: unconditional love in incomprehensible situations.  Even when we think we can’t do it, we can always care deeply for someone else.  It’s surprising how far you can go when you really love someone.

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