5 Times The Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Was Just Too Funny For Their Own Good

memes and woman with raccoon

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife plays an important role in protecting the flora and fauna of Oklahoma. However, they also pride themselves on their incredible sense of humor.


Let’s take a look at some of the funniest moments on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife’s social media page. Get a chuckle while you learn about some of the state’s incredible wildlife!

1. They’re teaching us about the power of fur.


The weather is telling us it’s time once again for our annual reminder: YOU are cold they have FUR. DO NOT LET INSIDE. Stay warm by cuddling with your pets or loved ones. – the DOMESTICATED kind please and thank you 🙏 #oklahoma #wildlife #animals #funny #twittermemes #lol #conservation #meme #trend

♬ original sound – Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife

“You are cold. They have fur. Do not let inside,” captioned the department.

Ok, I won’t let giant wild animals into my house even if they look snuggly!

2. Silver fox education that we didn’t know we needed.

We love you, George Clooney. But we also love the melanistic red fox.

3. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is educating us on mating dances using animation!


They are built for attention and will resort to extreme levels of tomfoolery to get it. #oklahoma #wildlife #conservation #funny #memes #birding #birdsoftiktok #trend #animals

♬ original sound – Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife

“Extreme levels of tomfoolery” is a fantastic skill to put on your resume.

4. This is the wildlife/Hamilton mash-up we didn’t know we needed.

Pride is not the word he was looking for!

5. And, of course, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife had to make a taxidermy joke.

Would it even be a wildlife department without a weird taxidermy raccoon?

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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