Panic-Stricken Child Runs Into Room, When 1-Yr-Old Starts Turning Blue Mom Springs Into Action.

We have seen some incredible rescues caught on camera. Recently two twin toddlers went viral when a nanny cam captured the moment a dresser fell on top of one twin; people were amazed to see the twin’s brother lift the dresser off of him. Then there was the time a dash cam captured the moment a police officer saved a choking boy’s life.

Once again, a near-death experience has been captured on video. This time, it’s the moment a mother performed the Heimlich maneuver on her choking daughter.

1-year-old Hollis Hull was playing with her 3-year-old big sister and eating veggie chips when a near-disaster struck.

Hollis’ mom, Jennifer, turned her back on the daughter’s for just a moment, to change the channel on the TV, when Hollis rushed into the room, blue in the face. The family’s nanny cam captured Jennifer’s quick response.

She quickly turned Hollis over and tried two different techniques– back blows and the Heimlich- to dislodge the chip that was stuck in Hollis’ throat. Thankfully, the chip came out and Hollis took a breath, gratefully falling into an embrace with Mom.

Jennifer says the only reason she was able to save her daughter is because she’d taken child safety courses. Now she’s sharing the video to encourage other parents to take similar courses. The skills you learn in those classes are ones you hope you never have to use, but– in a moment like this– they can be the skills that save a child’s life.

Watch the amazing rescue below and share!

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