97-Yr-Old Grandpa Is Flabbergasted By Grandson’s New ‘Car From The Future.’

At 97 years old, Zev Gitalis’s grandfather has seen many things, from World War II to the invention of computers, cell phones, and televisions. But through all of that, he’s never witnessed what he considers “the future.”

Recently, Zev, a real estate broker in Canada, bought a Tesla, an electric car, and brought it over to his grandfather’s house. Naturally, the 97-year-old was curious.

“Can we ride around the block?” he asked as soon as Zev walked in. “I can do that,” Zev obliged.


The two sat down on the couch to discuss the Tesla‘s capabilities: “How do you fill it?” Zev’s grandpa asked, not yet grasping the concept that a car could operate solely on a battery!


But when they got in the car, the 97-year-old was truly impressed.

“Before we go any further, it doesn’t make any noise!”


“So when you use the pedal, do you go ahead?” Zev’s grandpa asked?

To illustrate his point about how powerful the car is, Zev floored the engine and the 97-year-old man responded, “Oh boy!”


“You’ve gotta have a parachute to drive this car! … It’s so strong that it moves your body back into the chair1” he exclaimed.

Watch the adorable exchange between grandfather and grandson as they cruise around town.

“It’s like the future. I’m getting a picture of what’s gonna be in 100 years … Zev, I haven’t had an experience like this in my life. I don’t remember seeing such forward-looking things.”

It’s so great to see how amazed Zev’s grandfather is. Even though he’s experienced so much in his lifetime, he is still so awestruck.

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