Deadly Flash Floods Engulf Cars On Highway, Brave Travelers Leap To Rescue Others By Forming Human Chain.

human chains through flash flood

Devastating events like natural disasters can often times bring out the best in people. Like this woman who opened up her home to victims of a hurricane or these pilots who rescued abandoned animals after a Louisiana flood. When tragedy hits, humanity shines. So when horrendous flash floods began to sweep through Johannesburg, South Africa, a group of people risked their lives to save others.


As the waters rose quickly, civilians scrambled for high ground. Bianca Bird told the story of how she and her husband barely escaped the thrashing waters, but once they did were able to participate and witness people from all different backgrounds lay aside their differences to work together.


Bird and her husband were driving on the road when they noticed vehicles that were becoming completely submerged in the sweeping floods. They were able to get out of their vehicle but saw that others weren’t so lucky – they were trapped.

“I started screaming at people to exit their cars,”Bird said.


She and other motorists had to think fast in order to come up with a way to save others without being swept into the sweeping flood waters. They created a human chain to reach stranded motorists, pull others from submerged vehicles, and bring them all to safety.

“There were people stuck in taxis and we helped a lot to get them out safely; it was too hectic. I am still a bit shocked.â€


Bird says she doesn’t want any praise as a hero but knows she was at that place and time for a purpose.

“I was there for a reason.â€

Their heroic efforts helped several others reach safe land. They remind us the importance of being brave, selfless, and humble in the face of danger.

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