Couple Hides Entire Pregnancy From Family, Then Stuns Everyone With Emotional Surprise!

We’ve shared some beautiful pregnancy surprises with you. Remember the time two sisters surprised one another with the news they were pregnant at the same time? How about the time a wife surprised her husband with the news she was pregnant using a chalk board during a photo shoot? Those are only a couple of the many pregnancy announcements we’ve shared with you… but this has to be the first time we’ve seen someone announce their pregnancy after having the baby!


When Ben and Hannah became pregnant, they knew they wanted to do something to surprise their friends and family with the big news, but what? Well, if their goal was to do something original, they certainly achieved it! The two made the difficult to decision to keep the pregnancy a total secret– not even telling their own parents or siblings– until little Ivy Elizabeth was born!

How they managed to keep news like that a secret, we don’t know, but they must have done a good job! In the clips below, Ben and Hannah reveal the news… and it seems no one saw it coming!

In one clip, they explain to one of Ivy’s grandmothers that the baby they have with them is her granddaughter. “What? How can she be here?” asks Grandma, perplexed. “What a minute… How did you do that?? Explain this to me, I’m a little dense!” But she isn’t the only one!

As they introduce Ivy to their loved ones, everyone is overwhelmed with emotion and joy.

Check out the heartwarming video below and share!

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