Mom Threatens To Send Twin Sister To ‘Jailhouse’, Brother Goes On Adorable Tirade To Protect Her.

As a brother to four younger sisters I can personally attest to the fact that tattletales do exist. While two of my sisters never failed to run to mom with my latest wrongdoing, my youngest sister and I were comrades to a fault. She’s four years younger than I, but without fail she would back me up and flat out deny that any shenanigans had taken place.


Sibling camaraderie is super important. It teaches from an early age that those closest to you will have your back and the importance of friendship and loyalty. I’m so glad that I had that growing up.

In the viral video below, a set of twins set the prime example of loyalty between siblings.

The little boy apparently had a conversation with his mom about how his sister was being just a little bit naughty. His mom listed out a few things that he’d told her, but the moment she said his sister would be in trouble his attitude switched in a hurry.

He emphatically insisted that his sister had done none of the things in question all because he didn’t want her to get in trouble. His selfless defense is just priceless.

Check out the adorable video below!

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