Baby Delivered By Police Officer Has Cutest Photoshoot Ever

photo by Cyndi Williams of infant leaning against police badge

Joy, is the name of a newborn with a stunning birth story, that involves a hospital visit, a police officer, and a determined couple.


Early in the morning of July 18, Destiny and Caleb hall drove from Granbury, Texas to the hospital in Fort Worth. The drive was 45 minutes but the Halls were sure the contractions were steady enough to go into delivery. The doctors, on the other hand, told Destiny that the baby wasn’t coming that morning.”They told me I wasn’t in active labor, and that they didn’t even think she was coming this week,” Destiny told TODAY. “They asked how bad the pain was on a scale from 1 to 10 … I told them it was an 8. They said to come back when it was an 11.” Williams

On the drive back to Granbury, Destiny couldn’t believe that she wasn’t having the baby because the pain proved to be too much. “My body was saying, ‘Hey, she’s about to come right now!’ But my head was saying, ‘They just told me I wasn’t in labor,'” she said.

Destiny couldn’t bear the pain any longer so Caleb lined the backseat with trash bags and sped back to the hospital in Fort Worth. Their speed was enough to get the attention of Deputy Constable Mark Diebold who was on his way to work.

Destiny’s water broke and Caleb rolled down his window to explain why they were speeding. The officer rushed to help to the couple, turning on his lights and sirens to get them to the hospital in a hurry but Destiny couldn’t make it.

Still 25 minutes away from the hospital, Caleb pulled over in traffic and Destiny had her baby. Williams

“By then, I was on another planet. I just knew what I had to do,” Destiny said. “Officer Mark was holding my hand. It was one push, and then Caleb catches her.

“Officer Mark was beside himself – jumping for joy, high-fiving Caleb, yelling, ‘You just caught your child!'” she continued. “They were like two little kids in a candy shop. Officer Mark said, ‘Y’all just made my month.'”

The Halls decided to name her Evelyn, which means life.

“Every person who heard the story said the word ‘joy’ at least two or three times, so we knew we had to have that in there,” Destiny said. And Debora was the name of Caleb’s mother, who passed away the week before Evelyn was born.

“This seemed like the perfect way to memorialize her,” said Destiny.

The Halls have remained in communication with Diebold and had a great idea to have a photoshoot of Evelyn Joy Deborah Hall with Diebold’s badge, uniform, and patrol car to encourage him.
Cyndi Williams

Destiny explained, “His wife reached out to tell me he had been having a rough couple weeks with all (the police violence) going on … He had asked for a sign to show that he was doing the right thing, and then this happened. She said, ‘You have no idea what it means to us as a community and as a family.'”

What a heartwarming story of a police officer who went above and beyond to fill a family with joy!

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