Neglected Dog Engulfed In Pounds Of Matted Fur, Rescuers Grab Gardening Sheers For Amazing Transformation.

Dogs are widely considered as man’s best friend. They are always there in our times of need for comfort and provide us with a huge amount of unconditional love. That is why it is so heartbreaking to hear stories of abused and neglected dogs who are not given the same love in return from their owners… but it is so beautiful to see a dog’s life changed for good!

A group of pet groomers who volunteer in Tokyo were called out one day to come to an animal shelter that had just received an abandoned dog. The poor pup’s fur was so shaggy and matted that his face was completely covered.


The groomers got to work right away, but the job was definitely not easy. They found that some of the dog’s fur was so matted that the only way to cut him free was to carefully and slowly use garden shears to cut away the fur from above his face.


Finally, those amazing volunteers were able to break him free from the layers and layers of fur. The poor pup was so dirty that they had to give him several baths before he began to finally look clean. Through it all, he remained so calm and loving to his people who had come to his aid, proving that all a dog really wants is to receive love and attention.


What they discovered at the end of his grooming session was that, all along, he was a standard poodle underneath all of that fur!


Doesn’t he look so relieved and happy to be free from those pounds of fur? Thank you to volunteers everywhere who put in lots of time and love at our animal shelters!

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