Last Night’s Supermoon Captured In 15 Breathtaking Photos From Around The World.

supermoon on top of acropolis

Last night, the world saw the first of 2016’s three supermoons… and it was incredible! A supermoon occurs when a full moon makes its closest approach to Earth on its orbit. The moon appears significantly larger than a regular moon, and it often has particularly vibrant colors. It’s also known as a “hunter’s moon” since the moon’s light is so bright, it might serve as a lantern for nighttime hunters.


On Sunday night, people from all around the world stepped outside to catch the stunning phenomenon. If you missed it, no need to worry! The supermoon will be back in November and December (Meaning 2016 will see supermoons 3 months in a row!).

We’ve found 15 of the best supermoon pictures from around the world and put together the list for you below. Enjoy!

1. New Orleans

2. Lady Liberty, New York

3. Athens, Greece

4. Sydney, Australia

5. Hudson River Park, New York

6. Monterrey, Mexico… Simply stunning!

7. Photobomb!

8. Torreón, Mexico

9. Toronto, Canada

10. London, England

11. Queens, New York

12. Savannah, Georgia

13. “It’s lit.”

14. Brooklyn, New York

15. Cape Town, South Africa

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