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Dad Turns Window Into Adorable At-Home Ice Cream Shop For His Kids

Left Image shows the sign a dad made for a play ice cream shop. Right image shows his daughters lining up for ice cream.

When it is Dad’s turn to watch the kids, it can be a Forrest Gump box of chocolates moment. “You never know what you’re going to get.” These kids got a delicious surprise when their dad exercised creativity to play. Using a whiteboard menu and the front porch as an ice cream shop, Dad opened a window and began serving up the good stuff!

Dad had an Open/Closed flip sign and the catchy slogan, “Always frozen, never fresh.” The original video was posted by his wife, Kaylie Varney, who says her husband takes his playtime seriously. With the prices clearly marked, Dad declared his ice cream shop “Open for Business.” His two older children climb right up to the window and begin placing orders. We got a little worried when it came time for the money to change hands. Dad accepts invisible money, so it’s all good.

Left image shows a dad's sign for an ice cream shop as he plays with his children. Right image shows the dad accepting invisible money to cover the sweet treats his daughters are getting.
Image from Instagram.

As the children wait somewhat impatiently, Dad exercises his customer service etiquette. When one daughter gets a bit demanding, he instructs her to wait her turn and go to the back of the line. Meanwhile, the toddler, who probably only understands the word “ice cream,” is getting anxious. Dad makes a mini cone for the little one using a small broken cone. The baby immediately says, “Mmmmmm.”

Everything was going well, even with ice cream smudges on the sofa from the toddler. After all the kids got treats, they found out the ice cream shop had a special treat for their four-legged friend, Maple. Dad made the dog a pup cup!

Image shows the family dog enjoying a pup cup from the dad's ice cream shop.
Image from Instagram.

Way to go, Dad! What an awesome way to keep your kids engaged, teach them about value for a dollar, and bring smiles to everyone!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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