Rescuers Pull Dog From “Mountains Of Trash,” Then Hear Yelp & Dive Back In For Pup.

In a recent episode of Detroit Dog Saviors, a dedicated crew of volunteers enter an abandoned home filled floor to ceiling with trash and debris, then work tirelessly through the night to rescue a nursing dog and her puppy.


Their plight came to light only because a film crew with the World Animal Awareness Society team just happened to be driving along the road when someone spotted the mother dog standing on the dirty concrete porch.


A neighbor, identified only as Scott, told the crew that the mother was extremely territorial and would bark at anyone who even passed by the property.

“She won’t let you nowhere near the house. You’re the first person,”he said.

“She seems like a good dog,”he added. “She’s more bark than bite.â€


Using pre-recorded audio of crying puppies, the team lures the mother out of the house and onto the front stoop where she gazes around, trying to find the source of the cries. When she catches the whiff of some food they left out for her, she approaches and cautiously eats it, then paces around looking for more.


The footage continues inside the house as the volunteers dig around the trash-strewn interior until they find the crawlspace where the mother dog is hiding with her pup, whose age they estimate at six weeks.


After they were captured, both were transported to a safe haven operated by DAWG, where veterinary care was arranged.


Watch the entire dramatic rescue in the video below, and share to spread smiles!

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