Blind Triplets Were Fatherless And Losing Hope, But When This Lawyer Walked In, Everything Changed

Leo, Nick and Steven Arel are 16-year-old triplets that have been blind since birth. Their single mother did everything she could to care for her differently abled sons, but she struggled to make ends meet.

Growing up without sight was difficult for the boys and they had started to give up on life.

“Every day was like: Wake up, go to school, come back home, and then you stay there for the rest of the day. There were certain things that I wish I could do, like I wish I could go out and play in the snow like everyone else… It was pretty difficult for me, and I would’ve just ended my life…”

But then everything changed.

Ollie Cantos, a blind attorney in their community, heard about the boys’ situation and came knocking on their door. Ollie took the 10 year old triplets under his wing and showed them that life could still be wonderful even without their sight.

The triplet’s struggling mom saw such a change in the boys, that she allowed Ollie to adopt them and share custody. Their best friend and confident not only gave them a new outlook on life, but a father!

“Well, you take us places, you protect us, you help us with our homework and make us happy. Sounds like a dad to me.”

Check out their incredible story in the video below!

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