Waitress Hears Tornado Sirens, Steps In To Help Stranded Mother and Kids.

waitress holds baby during tornado

Two moms have formed an amazing bond during a terrible storm. One mom, a waitress at Steak ‘n Shake, stepped in to heroically save the day for another mother of three during a tornado.


Julie Watson was dining with her three young children on a busy day in what she called, “the mother of Mondays.” She was overwhelmed, tired, and struggling to meet the demands of her small children. But that is when she met Brandy. Julie describes the Steak ‘n Shake waitress as an “angel on earth” who went above and beyond to care for her and her children. She recounts the story on her viral Facebook post below

steak n shake waitress

Today was the mother of Mondays. So I threw in the towel and opted for dinner out. With all 3 boys…by myself. I was not in my comfort zone trying to wrangle all 3 on my own, especially after the twins did not nap today, but it was worth not having to cook to get out of the house.

Then I met an angel on earth, our waitress, Brandy . When The 4yo announced that he had to go to the bathroom “the baddest he has ever, ever, ever, ever had to go”, Brandy occupied the twins while I took him to the potty. (And to zero surprise to me he barely peed an ounce). I rushed back to the table to find that Brandy had both of the boys laughing and hi-fiving. I thought we were in the home stretch…and the lights went out in the restaurant and the tornado sirens started going off.

Since the place is basically all windows, everyone in the dining room was given a tour of the restaurant as we waited out the Tornado Watch in the manager’s office.

Without hesitation Brandy picked up Charlie and I grabbed Max and we held them until we got the all-clear. Jack entertained us all with interesting stories (like the one where apparently pop pop always calls him banana pants…which actually has never happened – things got weird)

To top off her 12/10 customer service, she brought us a new meal since ours had gone cold (plus a milkshake).

Brandy is an all-star! Thank you so much for helping me out, as you said “It takes a village”.

Leaving your children alone with a stranger can be frightening for any parent but Julie said she felt an instant trust and bond with Brandy.

Telling of the event, Brandy said, “It’s not that I was thinking as a waitress. At that point, I was thinking as a mother.” Since the storms, the two mom’s have formed a friendship and Julie joked, “If this goes viral, take me on Ellen with you.”

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