Selling Roses On The Subway, She Had No Idea A Stranger Was About To Make Her Cry Tears Of Joy.

This is a perfect example of a random act of love. When this woman was selling roses on the subway, you could hear people trying to bargain down the price. Sadly, she’s only getting the minimum price for her beautiful flowers.

When a well-dressed man comes up to her and asks how much for all of them, she’s completely speechless. So, you can see him immediately give her cash – specifically a fifty and it looks like there’s more than that. She reacts by simply crying, not knowing what else to do. The only thing we hear the stranger say is “Please just pass these out to everyone, it’s a happy day, it’s a good thing!”

Before she can even get over the initial shock, the stranger is gone. Overwhelmed, she keeps sobbing and then yells, “Free roses!” This is such a show of love, kindness and care. So beautiful!

Here’s our takeaway: THIS weekend, do at least one random act of kindness!

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