Puppy Lost Legs To Brutal Machete Attack, But Stands On New Prosthetics To Thank His Rescuers.

Cola the dog’s sweet story will bring you to tears! At only 1 year old, this dog from Thailand has already been through so much. But his joy and love– despite all the hard times– will make your day.When Cola was only 9 month old, he got out of his house in Bangkok and ran over to his owner’s next-door neighbor’s property where he chewed up a shoe. He had no idea that his actions would change his life forever.


Cola’s owner paid the neighbor in compensation for the chew, and he accepted the money, but later the neighbor returned with a machete and hacked off both of Cola’s front legs.


The Soi Dog Foundation— Asia’s largest animal welfare group for cats and dogs– stepped in immediately to take care of Cola after the attack. Not only did they save Cola’s life, they paid for Cola’s treatment. The man who had attacked Cola was sent to prison for one month for his actions, but Cola’s story doesn’t end there.

The co-founder of the Soi Dog foundation, Gill Dalley, took special interest in Cola. Gill is a double amputee; she lost both of her legs while rescuing a dog from a flood. After Cola’s owner decided it wasn’t safe to bring Cola back to Bangkok, she adopted the pup.


But now, Cola has even more good news to be excited about! He’s just received his first pair of prosthetic legs. And the video of his reaction is adorable! He absolutely loves his new legs, and he runs around the room with them on, giving out kisses to the brilliant people who custom designed them for him.

Check out the heartwarming video below!

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