Inner City Teacher Was Trying To Buy School Supplies, Bursts Into Tears After Pastor’s Viral Act Of Kindness.

Teachers will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were our second parents, at least for a year, and they taught us subjects that would help us on the road to success.  Many teachers, especially those in low socio-economic areas, also make personal sacrifices for their class. They go above and beyond by personally buying students’ school supplies out of their own pockets.


Our story started when Lester Brown took notice of a San Antonio lady with a basket full of supplies at Walmart. He was curious why she didn’t have any children with her, but a ton of supplies. Sabrina is a 7th grade teacher at Francis Scobee Middle School in San Antonio.

“He started asking me why I was buying all the supplies,”teacher Sabrina Drude said. “Which is when I explained that I was a teacher who teaches in a low socio-economic area, and would rather have my students focus on learning than worry about their supplies.â€

Brown was so moved by her story, he decided to express his gratitude for her sacrificial love, by buying all her students’ school supplies.

“I paid it and then she started to cry,”Brown said. “And then she was going to make me cry, so I looked away.â€

“I remember I had this hundred-dollar bill with the intention of responding to something in need, and God said to respond,”Brown said. Brown is a local area pastor, father and works for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. He paid $97 on her behalf.

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“I told him it was unnecessary and started to cry,”an emotional Drude said.“He said that teachers do too much and don’t receive recognition. I asked if I could hug him and take a photo with him, because I didn’t think anyone would believe this happened.â€

Drude snapped a picture with Brown so she could share the story on social media, but was so overwhelmed with the act of kindness that she left the store before getting Brown’s name.

With a little help from social media, they reconnected. Brown sent an emotional response.

Facebook response

“It’s me and I responded because I could see that this lady was willing to do whatever it takes for the success of the kids she is responsible to teach,” Brown wrote. “It’s important that people who are in trusted to empower kids are loved and appreciated for their effort.”

Drude said the act has inspired her and others to be kinder and more selfless. “He inspired me and so many others to be kinder and do whatever you can for your fellow human,”Drude added.

Way to go Mr. Brown and a special thank you to all teachers!

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