Mom Pushes Stroller In Freezing Rain, Then Officer Goes Viral For Simple Act Of Kindness.

Officer Charlie Ziegler really doesn’t understand what the big fuss was all about.


When he saw a mother with a baby stroller slogging through a rainstorm, he pulled over and offered her a ride, even though he was off-duty at the time. He’s just a nice guy and as his patrol sergeant pointed out, police officers help out citizens all the time, “and he helped bring it into the light.â€

A city employee happened to be passing by at the time of that 2013 incident and posted the photo on Twitter, where it eventually went viral on social as well as mainstream media.


Now, Ziegler is a social media hit once again, thanks to an impromptu jam session last month outside a restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A passerby captured them jamming out in the short clip below, which shows that beneath their seemingly stoic and unflappable exteriors, police officers are just like everyone else.

If you saw someone just sitting there with two perfectly good guitars and you were a halfway decent player yourself, well … wouldn’t you do the same?


“I said, ‘Buddy, um, what are the chances I could play one of those guitars?’ He was a little reluctant to do so, but he handed me one of the guitars and about 30 minutes later, he and I are just best of friends it seems,”he said.

Watch their mini jam session below and share to spread smiles!

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