Man Nearly Killed On Way To Propose, But When Girlfriend Enters ER He Refuses To Wait Any Longer.

When a man asks a woman to marry him, it is one of the biggest days of his life and one of the most important questions he’ll ever ask. That said, many men spend months preparing the perfect proposal, planning every detail and secretly scheming to create the perfect moment. Jamacio Kimble is one of these men.

Jamacio planned an idyllic proposal for his girlfriend, Kayla King, on the eve of their one year anniversary. “The original plan was that night at church we were going to have our youth and college career class get together and have roses and music and the lights off,” said Jamacio, recalling his proposal plan, “and I would be in the middle of the room.” Unfortunately, Jamacio never had the chance to pull of his dream church proposal. Just moments before he could ask the big question, Jamacio was in a horrible car accident.

The road leading to the church was wet from a storm that had passed through the night before. As Jamacio rounded a curve on his way to the proposal, he felt his back wheels sliding. “I over-corrected and was going down an embankment and staring eyeball to eyeball with a barbwire fence,” he said. His vehicle swerved into a ditch and a utility pole crashed through his windshield.


Thankfully, some of his friends were driving behind him on the way to the proposal and they called 9-1-1 right away. They then called Kayla who was already at the church, waiting for Jamacio.

Miraculously, Jamacio did not receive any major injuries, but he easily could have died in the accident.


Despite the horrific accident, Jamacio was not deterred in his mission to ask for Kayla’s hand. In fact, the near-death experience made him realize that he couldn’t let another day go by without asking.


“If you look at the car, the pole was in my front seat and passenger seat, and I could have died on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me,” he said.  “I was like ‘I could have died not asking that, so while I have breath, I’m going to ask that.'” The video of his proposal is truly heart-wrenching:

Kayla told the story of his emotional proposal from her perspective in a heartfelt Facebook post:

It’s been a little crazy these past 24 hours… At 6:34 I received a phone call telling me that you had gotten in a car wreck. In the ambulance you shared with me that you were on your way to propose but plans had changed, of course.

…After all of the scans and X-rays we were able to go home and rest. But you being the determined person that you are, had one more thing to do that night. I completely believe that you woke up Wednesday morning with our proposal in your mind, and that one car wreck wasn’t gonna stop you from asking. So with a punctured thigh and bruises all over your legs and hand so beat up. You got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife.

Never have I ever been so proud of you and the man that you are. So then, in the middle of Sweetwater hospital I said yes! Jamacio I love you. I am so blessed that you are still here.


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