9-Yr-Old Bursts Into Tears Over ‘End Of The World,’ But Caring Dad Responds In Sweetest Way.

What would we do without dads? Whether they’re making us laugh with hilarious, goofy photobombing or making us cry like the military dad who left 190 “goodnight kisses” for every night of his deployment…. Dads are always giving us the feels!


In the video below, a dad named Rod, captured one of those special Dad-moments on camera when he caught his 9-year-old son crying in bed late at night. Rod’s son had watched a YouTube video about how the earth will die in billions of years. “According to Wikipedia, it will happen when the sun becomes a red giant and consumes the earth in about 7 billion years,” writes Rod.

The Dad’s video starts out really sad; the young boy is terrified at the idea. “What are we scared about?” asks Dad.

“Because black holes are dead stars and the sun is a star and once the sun dies it’ll destroy the earth because it’ll turn into a black hole, sucking up the Earth!” says the little boy, through sobs.

But things take a turn as Rod begins to comfort his son. Rod writes on his YouTube page that he grew up fatherless, so it’s extra important to him that he and his son have a good relationship. That’s why he records moments like this, to encourage other fatherless parents.

Rod tells his crying son that, in the future, humans may be able to migrate to other planets, and he encourages him to learn so that he could help invent that technology.

“That’s why you have to be good at what you do,” he says. “Be as good as you can so you contribute towards humanity, so it can be good enough to be able to develop the technology that’s going to allow humans to go to other planets.”

He goes on to explain that he can’t live in fear, he has to be grateful. The little boy lists some of the things he’s grateful for, including his Dad.

Rod posted the video saying that their talk has motivated his son to do well in school, “He wants to save humanity.”

Watch the precious father/son moment below and share!


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