boy rescues baby sister in house fire

8-Yr-Old Caught In House Fire, Remembers Family’s Emergency Plan & Rescues Baby Sister.

Most 8-year-olds might run to get their toys or look to their parents if a fire broke out in their home. Not Harrison Holt.

On July 23, Harrison was home with his 5-year-old brother, Patrick, and baby sister, 11-month-old Marie, while their father, John, mowed the lawn. After he finished, he stored the riding mower in a barn attached to their home. But it somehow caught fire, and about 20 minutes later, smoke started filling up the room that connected the house and barn.


Unable to extinguish the fire on his own, John yelled for his children to evacuate the house and call 911. As he continued to battle the flames, he saw Patrick standing beneath an oak tree in the front yard. Right beside him, cool as a cucumber, was his older brother, speaking with a 911 operator while holding his baby sister.


“I just knew I couldn’t let my baby sister be in the fire, and I just picked her up and brought her out,” said Harrison.

Unfortunately, the fire completely consumed the home and reduced it to rubble. Rebuilding will be a long and painstaking process, but the family is thankful that everyone escaped without injury — thanks to Harrison’s quick thinking and his ability to remain calm under pressure.


And his brave actions aren’t going unrewarded, he was given a real firefighter badge and is considered an honorary member of the local fire department.

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