Woodpecker Gets Whirlwind Tour Of Chicago After Hitchhiking On Commuter’s Car.

Greg Alm was driving through downtown Chicago during his normal morning commute when he was interrupted by an unexpected passenger. Greg looked to his left on the rainy, cold morning to see what appeared to be a Woodpecker clinging to the window of his car.

Greg immediately slowed the car and talked to the cute little bird all the way to the office. Their adorable conversation coupled with the cuteness of their encounter has gone viral for all the right reasons. And it’s easy to see why!


Wondering how their friendship ends? The Greg said on his Youtube channel: “After he joined me in the car, I got out and walked to the sidewalk so he wouldn’t get run over.He simply flew away off my jacket into the sky.”


Check out these unlikely friends share their morning commute in the video below.

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