What Happens When You Put An iPhone In A Guitar? THIS And It’s Unbelievable.

guitar picture

Guitarist and youtuber rtists stuns us in this video.  By placing his iPhone underneath the guitar strings, he is able to visually capture his music from a crazy new perspective.



Unlike other cameras, the iPhone captures video by using a rolling shutter.  This function allows the device to scan a space instead of splicing together thousands of pictures. Because of that, the scene is not completely captured in one frame.


Thus, we get the ridiculously cool vibrating string effect that we see in this video and WOW is it interesting.  Not only that… this dude can PLAY!


Here’s our takeaway: Try to capture or view something in a new perspective today.  If you fail to venture out of the perspective you’re used to, then you’ll be missing out on new insights and great discoveries!


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