Veteran Amputee Trains Little Boy With One Leg, Teaches Heartwarming Lesson On Overcoming Hardships.

veteran and one legged boy in military gear train.

U.S. veterans often go the extra mile to serve our country even here at home. Jose Sanchez is an inspiration to many for doing just that. He recently heard about a young boy, 10-yr-old Diego Mercado, and immediately made arrangements to train the young boy. What common bond united the two? Jose Sanchez is a retired U.S. Marine who lost his left leg in Afghanistan and young Diego Mercado was born without a right leg and only two fingers on his right hand. These common challenges created an opening for Sanchez to surprise the 10-year-old.


Sanchez originally learned of Diego’s story through a fitness center that was created by veterans. He said he was “inspired by Diego’s willpower and positive attitude” so he decided to give him a surprise. He took him to Warrior Fitness Center in San Antonio, Texas for a special strength challenging workout.

In the video which was posted on Instagram, you can hear Sanchez giving commands, “Get up! Push it! Push It! Push It!” to Diego as they push a huge tire down the road.

“Good job,” Sanchez said, motivating Diego on his job well done.

Diego - Featured 1
Team Diego Instagram

Diego’s father, Jason Mercado is a captain in the Army and stationed at Texas’ Fort Sam Houston. He said that Sanchez’s challenge to his son created an amazing bond that inspired Diego to overcome his hardships.

“He has a prosthetic and he overcame his own challenges,”Mercado speaking of Sanchez. “He was trying to show Diego he can rise above his own hardships.”

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Team Diego Instagram

The pair also ran together, did push-ups, and Diego learned how to jump rope. Diego has aspirations to be in the military himself and felt like he was right at home exercising amongst other strong-willed amputees.

Captain Mercado was also inspired by the pair and decided to start Team Diego, a non-profit that brings together kids like his son with wounded veterans.

This video is an inspiration to us all, to keep pushing no matter our circumstances.

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