Precocious 2-Yr-Old Watches Dad’s Car From Window, Critiques His Driving In Adorable Video!

This sassy and opinionated toddler’s words are going to come back to haunt her in, oh, about 14 years, when she gets behind the wheel herself. She keeps an eagle eye trained on her dad as he heads out to fetch the family some breakfast, telling him to “have a good day at the store”and imploring him to bring her back an egg sandwich.


Young Olivia isn’t even in the car — she’s watching from inside the house. Yet she dons her backseat driver hat with all the precociousness of a toddler, instructing Daddy to drive safely and wear his seat belt before reminding him how traffic lights work.

Olivia serves as a backseat driver - from inside her house - as her dad heads off to the store to grab some breakfast.

“Daddy’s going fast!”she reports.


The video was posted May 4 by Nicole DiGiacobbe of Pennsylvania, who blogs about the vagaries of marriage and motherhood on This Lovely Life.


Two-year-old Olivia is an “outgoing, funny, sweet and sassy toddler, with very strong leadership qualities,”Mom writes on the site. And, I might add, a stickler for rules. I envision a bright future teaching traffic school for this young lady!

Watch this clip in the video below, and be sure to share to spread smiles!

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