Ellen Shares Refugee’s Heartwrenching Letter, But Woman Bursts Into Tears When She’s Called Onstage.

ellen reading letter, woman with head scarf crying

Last week, Ellen started her show by reading a powerful letter from an adoring fan. Ekhlas Amed wrote Ellen to explain the incredible impact The Ellen Show had in her life. Ekhlas and her family moved to the US from Sudan 10 years ago and Ellen’s positivity helped Ekhlas adjust to her new home in more ways than one.


Ekhlas and her family came to America 10 years ago to flee warfare that raged in Sudan. None in the family spoke a word of English. In her letter, Ekhlas described a hard lesson where she decided to learn English at all costs, “My first day of school I got off at the wrong bus stop and was lost for 8 hours. From that moment on I made it my mission to learn English.”

From that day on Ekhlas spent every spare moment learning how to speak the language of her new country. For non-native speakers, English is inherently difficult to learn… but in spite of the challenge Ekhlas quickly caught on.

Ekhlas contacted Ellen because it was The Ellen Show that jumpstarted her learning journey and kept her head up during the difficult time.

“With so much negativity in the world all I had to do was turn on your show and be happy for an hour. Today I am happy to say I graduated high school and college. Thank you for being there every step of the way.”

After reading the powerful letter, Ellen invited Ekhlas up on stage to talk more about her incredible story. The way Ekhlas carried herself through her hard won fight is truly inspiring.

Check out what Ellen does for this well deserving young woman in the video below!

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